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Hunter Hodges DVM

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Dr. Hunter Hodges

Hunter Hodges DVM , Greensboro Veterinarian Holistic Veterinary Services

Integrating Alternative and Complementary services into your animals Healthcare for over 20 years!

IVAS Certified

IVCA Certified

Veterinary Licensed in NC, VA, FL

Equine Services

Equine Veterinary Services, Horse

  Acupuncture treatments

Chiropractic treatments

Class IV Laser Therapy

Digital Radiographs

Physical Exams

Coggins/Health Certificates

Vaccinations/Lab Work

Parasite Testing

Small Animal Services

Small Animal Veterinary Services-Dog & Cat

Limited  to Acupuncture & Chiropractic

Services Offered


Horse getting Acupuncture

The insertion of Needles into specific points on the body to cause a desired healing effect. Points can be stimulated with traditional solid needles, hypodermic needles, heat, electricity and laser. 

Large Animal Conditions

Musculoskeletal problems like sore backs and stiffness.

Nervous system problems such as facial paralysis.

Skin problems-Allergic dermatitis

Respiratory problems-Heaves

Reproductive disorders

Small Animal Conditions

Musculoskeletal problems like arthritis or Vertebral Disc Herniations.

Skin problems-Lick granulomas, certain skin disorders.

Respiratory problems-feline asthma

Gastrointestinal problems-diarrhea

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Chiropractic/Spinal Manipulation


A manual therapy that can be used for many health and performance problems.

Animals like humans will get subluxations or misalignment of a vertebra causing limited or decreased range of motion. This in turn can inflame nerves and cause muscle soreness                                      

Causes of stuck joints or subluxations:

Trauma-falls, cast in stall, trips.


Lack of movement or confinement






Reduced performance

Abnormal Posture

Swishing tail and pinning ears

Difficulty with gaits and changes

Sensitive to touch or reactive

Neck Stiffness

Difficulty engaging hindquarters

Stride differences

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Heal with Laser Therapy

Laser therapy Unit

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser

Drug Free , Surgery Free, Relief for your furry friend.

A powerful tool in providing relief of Pain, Swelling and Inflammation


Arthritis/Cranial Cruciate Strains

Ligament/Tendon Strains

Back Pain from Muscle Spasms

Back Pain from Disc Disease

Wound Healing/Hot Spots

Post-Surgical healingAcupuncture Point Stimulation

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Portable digital X-ray unit for Veterinary

The latest HD Digital X-ray system

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Mobile Veterinary Services

Mobile Veterinary Truck

We come to the farm or meet you at the show

Medications & Supplements

Prescription Medications and Foods

  1. We offer a comprehensive selection of Affordable Veterinary prescriptions.
  2. Joint and Wellness Supplements
  3. Quality Chinese Herbal Products from Jing Tang Herbal.

Client Reviews


Clent Testimonials

"At Torihope Farm we strive for the best quality care for our horses. Part of that care includes regular visits from Dr. Hodges for Chiropractic and Acupuncture care. The overall appearance, attitude and performance are greatly enhanced with regular treatments. All our horses seem to love the treatments that Dr. Hodges provides and we can certainly see improvements in all aspects of their lives." 

Vicki Autry, Torihope Farm.

"Dr. Hodges has been working on my Dutch Warmblood for many years, performing both Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments. He is extremely capable and charms both humans and horses alike. There is always a noticeable difference in the ease with which my horse moves and jumps after these treatments."

Pat Copeland



"Dr. Hodges is a joy to work with. He takes the time to explain what he is doing and is incredibly patient with our horses (and us!). We have seen tremendous improvement in the horses he has worked on and appreciate him helping our horses stay happy and healthy!"

Drew Sandbank

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Hodges for the past 5 years. He has cared for both my equine and canine companions. His kindness, knowledge and real life results on my animals has impressed me greatly. My animals are more comfortable after a session with him. I look forward to a long relationship with him. He is a great Vet and I am the lucky one to have found him after trying others before him with marginal results. Thank you for caring Dr. Hodges! "

Cathey Carlton RN



"First home visit with Dr. Hodges. Our dog Gia had an Acupuncture treatment. I would recommend Dr. Hodges based on our phone conversation and our appointment. He is soft spoken and great with animals. He was extra patient as I rambled on about what we have done in regard to feeding and medications. He is very thorough and spent over an hour taking notes and making suggestions. He is very responsive and returns phone messages quickly. I am happy to have found someone in the area that can give care to my pet."

Andrea Oconnell

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